MaxTV glasses

The MaxTV glasses magnify your TV picture to double the size. Magnification 2.1x, hands-free and works with any TV, +/-3 dpt per eye adjustable at the base distance of 3m to the TV. Ideal for viewing subtitles.

Self-Adhesive Braille Labels

Transparent plastic Perkins-size labelling sheets. The sheets are clear, ideal for labelling household products. Easily cut to the required size.  Size: Perkins size, 29 × 28 cm (11.42 × 11.02 inches)

Braille Labeller

Handheld Reizen Braille labelling gun for producing braille labels. The white dial displays letters of the alphabet and grammar signs in both embossed braille and black print. You can create labels in uncontracted braille (Grade 1) and some SEB contractions. Includes one roll of 12mm clear labelling tape, use with 9mm or 12mm labelling tape.

Amazon Echo Show 10

The Echo Show 10 combines Alexa voice control with video, displayed on a 10.1”HDscreen. It includes VoiceView Screen Reader. You can ask Alexa to play videos, show you who’s at the door on your smart doorbell, and more. You can even monitor your house when you’re not at home by remotely accessing the built-in camera.… Continue reading Amazon Echo Show 10

XRAI Glass

With AR Glasses that are compatible with XRAI Glass, a person can read live subtitles of what is being said by communication partner. Voice recognition software can determine who is saying what and labels their conversation by name. Subtitle text from conversations is saved and it is also possible to translate from different languages.  XRAI… Continue reading XRAI Glass

Audio Radar

Audio Radar enables Deaf and hard of hearing gamers to “see the sound” by visualizing directional audio events within video games. Players can see directional audio events such as gunshots, footsteps and vehicles through a series of LED indicators surrounding the gamers monitor or television.Audio Radar comes with six high-performance LED light bars, a Command… Continue reading Audio Radar

Just Big Text

Just Big Text allows you to create huge text screens on your iPhone to communicate with others. You have complete control over typeface, text, and background colors. Just Big Text screens can be created on-demand, or you can create and save them for future use. Just Big Text screens can be sent to other users… Continue reading Just Big Text

Talking Calculator

A comprehensively featured iOS App calculator for both adults and children. This calculator has large colorful buttons, optional high contrast, full VoiceOver support, and the option to use speech for answers, button names, and formulas.