New Anne Sullivan foundation for people who are deafblind logo, green and purple pine coneThe Anne Sullivan Foundation (ASF) is a national organisation that was established to help children who are deafblind  throughout Ireland. It was established in 1989 when a group of concerned parents and friends realised that there was no centre in Ireland dedicated to support children who are deafblind and their families. Since then, it has helped many people who are deafblind and their families in Ireland by funding care, advocacy and outreach programmes.

The foundation was named in tribute to Anne Sullivan (1866-1936), the  Irish-American teacher, best known for being the educator and companion of Helen Keller. Helen Keller, author, political activist, and lecturer, was the first ever person who was deafblind  to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Regulatory and Operational Structure of The ASF

The Anne Sullivan Foundation  is one of  two separate legal entities supporting people who are deafblind

  • The Anne Sullivan Foundation RCN 20024864 and CHY 9900
  • The Anne Sullivan Centre CLG RCN  20083007 and CHY 20838

The Anne Sullivan Foundation looks after the charity fundraising, support services and also funds and manages various projects that have a positive impact on both the residents of the centre and of the wider community of deafblind people throughout the country.  The Foundation currently owns four residential units in Silverpines, Stillorgan, Co Dublin, which  provides residential accommodation to service users who are deafblind.

There is a separate board of directors for each entity, each having its own officers. For continuity reasons, there are some directors that sit on both boards.

Stone sculpture of 2 pairs of hands touching and signing to each other

Fundraising activities

The ASF regularly runs advertising and awareness campaigns on  radio and in newspapers where they can avail of discounted rates for charity advertising. The resulting awareness of Anne Sullivan and the needs of people who are deafblind prompts people to choose Anne Sullivan Foundation as their supported charity for which we are very grateful.