WayAround App

WayAround is a labelling system app. It provides on-demand details about everyday things with simple tag-and-scan approach. The App identifies things around you and provides extra details, like how something works or when it expires. Available for both iOS or Android users.

Audible Vision App

Audible Vision App provides an easy way to discover products for the visually challenged users. App is based on Artificial intelligence technology that will help identify product name, expiry date, find a particular product or shop name, read text data with help of camera and AI. Currently available only for Android users. App for IOS… Continue reading Audible Vision App

Rivo 2

Rivo 2 is an assistive technology product for the blind and visually impaired to use the smartphone more freely. It has a keyboard that works with screen readers, to control your smartphone, and additionally, a built-in speaker, a microphone, and an earphone jack. Rivo supports iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android smartphones and tablets. The battery… Continue reading Rivo 2

Self-Opening Kitchen Scissors

Self-Opening Kitchen Scissors are a safe choice in the household. To use, unlock the red safety catch and gently squeeze the scissors to cut through food, packets etc. Length = 22.

Morphy Richards Multifunction Can Opener

Multifunction Can Opener provides a more secure way of opening cans, jars and bottle caps. This product is a 6 in 1 Multifunction Opener incorporating an automatic can opener plus two integrated opening tools. Automatic Can Opener, Jar Opener, Ring Pull Can Opener, Twist-off and Pop-off Bottle Cap Opener, and Plastic Packaging opener.

Magnifier App on IOS

Magnifier App is used to detect doors around you, help you understand how far you are from a door, how to open the door, and get a description of the door’s attributes. The app notifies you of doors nearby with sounds, speech, or haptic feedback. You can also customise the settings for a Door Detection. 

BrailleBookStore Board Games

BrailleBookStore produces Braille, tactile, audible, and talking products for anyone who’s blind or has low vision. Items include daily living aids, writing supplies, and recreational products. Selection of Braille and tactile Board Games includes Chess and Checkers, Monopoly, Scrabble, Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect Four and Othello. BrailleBookStore ships to Ireland.

Braille Colouring Books

Tactile Vision Graphics has a large collection of colouring books, including a couple Disney themed books. Braille colouring books come with raised lines to help with colouring inside the lines. They provide a way to help with concentration, hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills.