Selection of assistive technology equipment available to trial. The Ireland funds logo is in bottom right corner
Welcome to The Anne Sullivan Foundation’s Assistive Technology Library page where you can view and download a pdf guide to the available equipment at the following link The Anne Sullivan Foundation Assistive Technology Guide
Within this guide you’ll find information on the products we have available to loan. Assistive Technologies are designed to increase the life quality of the user by having products that increase motivation, independence and communication.
The purpose of our Assistive Technology Library is to allow our clients to try different pieces of equipment before purchasing. Assistive technology items can often come with a big price tag and without the guarantee that the item will suit the user.
Period of borrowing will be reviewed case by case. We have items to suit all ages and abilities. The products we have chosen for our library are items we regularly recommend to our clients. If you would like to trail any piece of equipment, please contact us via contact details below. We are always open to new ideas and technologies, if you have a suggestion please get in touch.
As well as the items listed below, onsite we also have a Braille printer and swell form graphics machine. The braille printer can be used to print articles, short stories, maps etc.
The swell form graphics machine can be used to print tactile graphics such as pictures, maps, diagrams etc. Please get in touch if you would like to use either or both items and we will be happy to assist. After the loan period we can discuss the success of the trial and look at funding opportunities for each user.
For more information please contact or   or phone: 01-2898339
Please also check out our Youtube Channel by following this link  Anne Sullivan Foundation Youtube channel   to view demonstration videos of the equipment in our library.
Thank you to The Ireland Funds for supporting this project!