Cork Deaf Association

The Cork Deaf Association (CDA), which is a charity part-funded by the Health Service Executive, aims to support and empower the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities in Cork city and county. It provides a wide range of supports to people who are Hard of Hearing, Deaf, deafblind and their families. This includes ISL classes,… Continue reading Cork Deaf Association

Anne Sullivan Foundation

The Anne Sullivan Foundation (ASF) is a national organisation that raises awareness of deafblindness, carries out charity fundraising, training and research and runs outreach and advocacy services. It also funds and manages various projects that have a positive impact on both the residents of the Anne Sullivan Centre and of the wider community of people… Continue reading Anne Sullivan Foundation

Concise ISL

Concise ISL is an Irish Sign Language (ISL) video dictionary App that contains approximately 1000 signs. It is useful for those supporting people who use Irish Sign Language either with residual vision or tactilely. Each sign contained within Concise ISL is presented in video form and accompanied by high-quality images of the component signs for… Continue reading Concise ISL

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

This vibrating alarm clock has good strong vibrations, up to 113dB alarm and can also have a flashing display. The clock is mains powered with a battery backup for the clock feature. Other features include display dimmer and flashing alert lights in alarm mode. It has adjustable alarm volume and tone control, a vibrating pad… Continue reading Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Toys Like Me

This range of toys includes those with hearing aids, cochlear implants, glasses and wheelchairs. You’ll find toys from a range of manufacturers including some mainstream ones such as Lego and Sylvanian Families. These toys can be purchased online through the Toy Like Me website.

Tactile Measuring Tape

Strong imperial tape measure, 60 inches long made of plastic-coated fabric enabling you to measure by touch to the nearest half-inch. Different sized round eyelets mark every foot, inch and half-inch.

Finger Guard

This tool will protect your fingers while preparing food and chopping ingredients. It is made from high impact plastic, is suitable for right-handed or left-handed users and can be washed on the top shelf of a dishwasher. It can be purchased from the National Council of the Blind in Ireland.