XRAI Glass


With AR Glasses that are compatible with XRAI Glass, a person can read live subtitles of what is being said by communication partner. Voice recognition software can determine who is saying what and labels their conversation by name. Subtitle text from conversations is saved and it is also possible to translate from different languages. 

XRAI Glass app is only available in Google Play Store at the moment. AR glasses can be bought from Amazon and are ergonomically engineered with a low blue, flicker free light. Glasses have 2 open-ear speakers, noise & echo cancellation for immersive sound, full HD 3840 x 1080 OLED resolution and fingerprint resistant and anti-reflective coating.

Price Guideline:

AR glasses: 399.99 Sterling. App: 3 subscription plans from 0.00 to 49.99 Sterling/month.



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