Visual Scheuler Planner

Visual Schedule Planner is an iOS App designed to give an individual an audio/visual representation of the “events in their day”. In addition, events that require more support can be linked to an “activity schedule” or “video clip” to help model the task further. Visual Planner can be used for the home, school, work or… Continue reading Visual Scheuler Planner

Lámh Time App

The Lámh Time App features Lámh signs for use at home and at school. With the app, Lámh users have opportunities to see Lámh signs in context and in sentences, for the classroom, the kitchen, at the playground, etc. Live-action is combined with colourful graphics and animation to help make learning fun.

Tap-n-See Now 2.0

Little Bear Sees has created the Tap-n-See Now App for children using iOS devices. This App is created for children with significant visual impairment, specifically Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). It comes with simple high contrast pictures and parents and supporters can customise colours, sounds, and speed.

Kids Doodle

High contrast simple drawing app. Dowload from the App Store for Apple devices or the Play Store for your Android devices.

CHARGE Syndrome Australasia

‘Understanding CHARGE Syndrome’ is a free online course that aims to improve understanding and awareness of CHARGE. Members of the public will increase their knowledge of CHARGE-related issues and those in the CHARGE Community will be empowered to create and contribute to personalised CHARGE management plans.

Paths to Literacy

Perkins School for the Blind and Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired host this very useful website full of resources. It has a specific deafblind section – see additional weblink below.

Active Learning Space 

With Active Learning Space, Dr. Lilli Nielsen’s techniques emphasise simple ways to change the environment so that a child becomes an “active learner”. This website is a significant resource providing lots of ideas for stimulating learning and having fun.

NCSE Visiting Teachers

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) provides funding for visiting teachers for children who are deaf/hard of hearing or blind/visually impaired. See the website below for further information, including a link to a referral form and contact details for all visiting teachers.

Adam and Friends

These fun toys are big, strong, and versatile. The website allows searching by numerous categories including visual, auditory and tactile. Some toys ship from the UK and may result in expensive shipping so ring to check before you buy.

The Learning Store

The Learning Store provides a wide range of toys and learning resources, including sensory products such as chewables, tactile balls and light panels. They also offer to try and source relevant items that you need, which they do not already have available online.