Focus40 Braille Display

Focus40 has a user-friendly keyboard and control layout. You can have up to five Bluetooth connections so that you can easily connect to iOS and Android devices such as smartphones, iPads, and tablets. You can also use the Perkins-style keyboard for effortless Braille text input to control your computer. When you combine the Focus 40… Continue reading Focus40 Braille Display


Bumpons offer a simple and effective way to mark everyday items around the house. These raised bumps are supplied on self-adhesive sheets, and are available in a range of sizes, shapes and colours.


Feelif is a Braille learning device. The device enables a person to feel pictures, shapes and colours with a special tactile grid, vibrations and sounds. Feelif devices are based on the Android OS and alongside Feelif’s applications the device can be used for web browsing, calls and reading emails. 

Mercury 12

Mercury 12 is a specialised device that provides multiple ways to access information in a work or third level environment. Mercury 12 has auto-focus electronic magnifier for reading, writing and practical work, 1.5x – 20x Magnification, accurate text-to-speech reader in multiple languages and a Large Print Keyboard.

BrailleNote Touch Plus

BrailleNote Touch Plus – 18 Cell is the most up-to-date note taker supported by the Android Oreo platform. Compatible with most third-party applications. You can create multiple language profiles and customize them with a selection of braille codes and voices. BrailleNote Touch Plus is equipped with a touchscreen.

WeWALK Smart Cane

Smart Cane paired up with a smartphone app. WeWALK detects above-ground obstacles with ultrasound. It has a built-in touchpad used to control WeWALK’s features. Navigation feature includes clock directions, destination tracking and low-vision mapping. Full screen reader compatiblity (Voiceover and Talkback) and Gestures via WeWALK touchpad. App includes 9 languages. Estimated battery life on a… Continue reading WeWALK Smart Cane

DOT Braille Smartwatch

Braille smartwatch with 4 cell refreshable Braille display integrated into the watch face. Available in 2 strap sizes: Small – 21cm and Large – 25cm. the DOT Watch can last 10 days with 1 charge. Compatible with Android & iOS devices.

Sunu Band

Using radar and augmented reality, Sunu Band paired up with Sunu App enables people who are blind to travel with the help of haptic feedback guides and navigation sensors. Sunuband uses sonar or echolocation to detect objects up to 16 feet or 5.5 meters away. Sunu Band includes a haptic compass, place finder/explorer and GPS… Continue reading Sunu Band

Aira App

Aira is a visual interpreting service that provides live professional assistance service and a productivity tool, that enhances independence. Using the camera and an app on your smartphone, a trained agent will assist by visually interpreting your surroundings. The guest account is free and includes up to 5-minutes per 48 hours. Includes Aira Access calls… Continue reading Aira App