Deafblind Folding Cane


Currently not available.


This deafblind walking cane from The Mobility Shop is a traditional deafblind cane. It is white and red with a white tip. Please ensure this is the tip you require as not all canes and tips are compatible. This Cane also features a wrist strap for the user so it is less likely to be misplaced. It is lightweight and is easily folded for storage. The cane is 113cm (44″) long when open and 40.6cm (16″) when closed. It weighs 400g and is ideal for users up to 18 stone. Note: According to the Citizen’s Information website below, you may also be entitled to get a long cane from the National Council of the Blind annually. This could be adapted using red tape to symbolise the deafblind cane.

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