Winter Webinar Series

The Anne Sullivan Foundation is hosting a series of webinars in the coming weeks that are open to anyone supporting someone who is deafblind or anyone interested in learning more about this area. 

Please find details of our upcoming webinar series below:

November 17th 12-1pm: An Introduction to Deafblindness webinar

A great introduction for anyone who is new to working with children or adults who are deafblind. Anyone working in the healthcare sector is also welcome to gain awareness of this unique condition.  

November 24th 12-1pm: Communication webinar 

Come and learn communication methods used by individuals with both congenital and acquired deafblindness. Practical strategies will be presented for all ages and types of communicators.  

 December 4th 8-9pm: Parent Q&A webinar

All parents of children or young adults who are Deafblind are welcome to join us for a Q&A session. A safe space ask any burning questions you may have or offer any ideas or advice. 

November 29th 6.30-8pm: Assistive Technology webinar

Come and learn about different types of assistive technology equipment used within the deafblind community to promote independence, communication and access to information. 


 January 15th 2024 3-4pm: Time Concepts webinar

 How to introduce and teach concepts of time such as daily, weekly and monthly activities using individualised communication.  

 January 22nd 2024 3-4pm: “Literacy and Adapting Books webinar“ 

 Learn how to introduce and support literacy and adapt books for all types of learners. 


You can register for any of these webinars using the registration form below: 

Webinar registration form  


If you require further details you can contact Deirdre Leech at or Sorcha Nallen at