Nordic Welfare Centre

The deafblind field at Nordic Welfare Centre supports equal opportunities and participation for the deafblind. Nordic Welfare Centre raises awareness on deafblindness through activities such as courses and seminars. They also offer educational publications in various languages as well as related videos. 

OHOA: Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules

The Open Hands, Open Access (OHOA): Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules are designed to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills related to intervention for deaf-blind students (ages 3 through 21). The modules are created by a group of experts in the field of deaf-blindness, and include topics on communication, learning, professionalism and preparations for adult life. The modules… Continue reading OHOA: Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules


EDbN is a nonprofit entity campaigning for greater recognition of deafblindness in Europe and the inclusion of the needs of deafblind people in European society and policy work. The member institutions and partners, led by the Spanish Federation of Deafblind (FESOCE) carry out actions targeting direct attention and care intervention.

CHARGE Syndrome Australasia

‘Understanding CHARGE Syndrome’ is a free online course that aims to improve understanding and awareness of CHARGE. Members of the public will increase their knowledge of CHARGE-related issues and those in the CHARGE Community will be empowered to create and contribute to personalised CHARGE management plans.

Paths to Literacy

Perkins School for the Blind and Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired host this very useful website full of resources. It has a specific deafblind section – see additional weblink below.

NCSE Visiting Teachers

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) provides funding for visiting teachers for children who are deaf/hard of hearing or blind/visually impaired. See the website below for further information, including a link to a referral form and contact details for all visiting teachers.

Sensational Kids

Sensational Kids makes early intervention services such as speech and language therapy and occupational therapy affordable and accessible for children with additional needs. With Child Development Centres located across the country in Leinster, Munster,  Connacht, and Ulster, Sensational Kids provides affordable and accessible early intervention services for children of all abilities, all ages and all… Continue reading Sensational Kids

Sight and Sound Technology

Sight and Sound Technology are a provider of hardware and software to the blind, visually impaired, and those with learning and reading difficulties. Their product solutions have been specifically designed to improve quality of life whether at work, at study, or in the home.