Introduction to Deaf Interpreting Programme

At the School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences at Trinity College Dublin, they launched “Introduction to Deaf Interpreting.” This program will provide modules that introduce them to linguistics, ethics, interpreting theory and practice. Graduates of this programme will be prepared to meet the criteria for registering on the soon-to-be launched register of Irish Sign… Continue reading Introduction to Deaf Interpreting Programme

Carri O Donnell

Carri is a self-employed Sign Language Interpreter based in Limerick. Carri also has experience in providing close-vision Irish Sign Language/English Interpretation and tactile Irish Sign Language/English Interpretation services for people with deafblindness. Carri began her career in England with a British Sign Language Qualification, Level 2 from Redbridge College in London, in 1999, this included… Continue reading Carri O Donnell

Suzanne Carey

Suzanne Carey in an independent interpreter who has been involved with the Deaf Community since 2001. She regularly provides close-vision Irish Sign Language/English interpreting services for people with deafblindness. She graduated from the Centre for Deaf Studies (Trinity College Dublin) in 2006 with a Diploma in ISL/English Interpreting, and in 2009 she obtained the R1… Continue reading Suzanne Carey