June 24th-30th

Deafblind Awareness Week 2024 text over 2 hands touching

Help us raise awareness of deafblindness and combined vision and hearing loss during deafblind awareness week June 24th to 30th.

This is an important week in our year and an opportunity for us to reach more people  in Ireland who need our supports and services.

Throughout the week we will be highlighting stories, experiences and issues relevant to people living with combined vision and hearing loss.

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You can learn more about the lived experiences of people we support by watching their videos and transcripts here.

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We provide online and in person training to people who are deafblind, their families and support workers, find out more here or by contacting outreach@annesullivan.ie

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One of our goals this year is to develop new ways for people to participate and in the following video, Sarah Gannon,  ASC board member and parent, shares some information on the newly established family forum.

There is a transcript below the video.

Video description: 
Opening Credits square poster with text Deafblind Awareness Week June 24 to 30th and graphic of 2 Hands touching on a yellow background:
Video Transcript: Sarah is speaking to camera:
Hi, my name is Sarah Gannon, happy deafblind awareness week.
I am a board member of the Anne Sullivan Centre, the chair of the family forum and a mother of a six-year-old girl who is deafblind.
Family Forum poster.
I am the chairperson of the newly developed Family Forum and am here to tell you a bit about it.
The aim of the Family Forum is to provide support for and give a voice to family members of people who are deafblind.
We aim to help people advocate for issues relevant to their family members, give feedback to improve and develop services and share their experiences and information.
The committee consists of representatives from Outreach, Day and Residential Services, we issue regular newsletters for family members, and we aim to complete the survey of family members to highlight their concerns.
Please keep an eye on your emails and social media for updates.
Slide with text Family Forum and social media details:
Email: info@annesullivancentre.ie
Website: annesullivan.ie
Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and X @annesullivandb