BrailleSense Polaris Mini


BrailleSense Polaris Mini is a collaboration of Braille and mainstream technology that is controlled with touch gestures as you read its output in Braille. It was built with people who are deafblind in mind and has a built-in vibration motor which can be used to receive alerts and messages.

It has a 20-cell Braille display and an 11-key Perkins-Style keyboard. The BrailleSense Polaris Mini can be used as a Braille display for PC, Mac, Smartphones and tablets. Polaris Mini provides visual output is via the built-in LCD, HDMI display, screen-sharing Apps or via Miracast.

BrailleSense Polaris is based on Android technology and so supports Google Apps which make it easy to use Google Calendar, Drive, Sheets and Docs. You can also open various file formats such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or PDF and send emails. It’s compact and battery life is 11 hours.

This device can be bought from Sight and Sound Technology:

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Price Guideline:

£3,954 Sterling